Load RASA v1.0 pretrained NLU model to RASA v 2.0

Hi, I have a NLU model which trained by rasa v 1.12 and now, i want to use it in RASA v 2.3 the model loaded but result is strange. I don’t have access to the training data to re-train by new RASA version

NO help? I have faced some production issue. please send me some solution RASA guys

Hi! This can’t be done reliably - there have been several model-breaking changes since then.

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Maybe it should be better to aware user in documentation about this change. We are working with NLU mode only and it is impossible to retrain again our model:(

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Oh no! That’s a shame. What do you have from the old model? Just the model?

There’s some discussion about migrations here. Would you be looking for something more explicit about loading old models?