Question about Slots

I would like to know how, I indicate to rasa that there are 3 slots in the same sentence. My project would look like that.


operations example1

  • operation{“number_one”:“30”,“operation_type”:"+",“number_two”:“2”}
    • slot{“number_one”:“30”}
    • slot{“operation_type”:"+"}
    • slot{“number_two”:“2”}
    • action_operations

operations example2

  • operation{“number_one”:"-34",“operation_type”:"-",“number_two”:“5”}
    • slot{“number_one”:"-34"}
    • slot{“operation_type”:"-"}
    • slot{“number_two”:“5”}
    • action_operations

operations example3

  • operation{“number_one”:“40”,“operation_type”:"*",“number_two”:"-4"}
    • slot{“number_one”:“40”}
    • slot{“operation_type”:"*"}
    • slot{“number_two”:"-4"}
    • action_operations

operations example4

  • operation{“number_one”:"-20",“operation_type”:"/",“number_two”:“10”}
    • slot{“number_one”:"-20"}
    • slot{“operation_type”:"/"}
    • slot{“number_two”:“10”}
    • action_operations

in the domain is contemplated and also in, I have it from this form.



The part of NLU, interprets it well, so the error is in the Rasa Core, I do not execute the action well, and I think it’s because I’m not indicating the slots well.


Hey there, you say the NLU is interpreting it well – i’m sure the intent classification is working great, but is it picking up all the entities for your slots correctly? I’m thinking it’s still probably actually an NLU problem.