No memoized action found

Hi, so I’m using memoization policy but after the first action, it fails to find the next action. As suggested in a previous post, I have set augmentation factor to 0, but to no avail.

When testing my bot, I literally took out the flattened version of that was dumped, and tried to follow it step by step. Still, the bot cannot find the action though I am reading from the generated stories (after checkpoint gluing).

Can anyone help here?

Augmentation factor will glue stories to create larger ones. setting it to 0 makes sure you only have stories that you have written in your training data. Did you try to adjust the max_history with the --history flag

Personally, i don’t like checkpoints as it doesn’t fully represent the training data. I use interactive learning to generate my stories full length stories.

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@souvikg10 so much love for this comment. checkpoints can get very confusing so we like to avoid using them unless absolutely necessary

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Checkpoint is not required if you write your stories well. I have written a detailed solution for this issue.