Providing your chatbot with access to the world's data

Visit our new tutorial to see how we used Fetchable to give our chatbot access to the world’s data.

The tutorial covers how to make a chatbot that can tell jokes, give random fun facts, give inspirational quotes, give definitions to any word in the English dictionary, as well as answer questions about random bits of trivia such as: the height of the Empire State Building, the population of the United Kingdom, the length of the Amazon river, etc. etc. :smiley::rocket:

Full disclosure: I made Fetchable to solve the problem I was having of not being able to find data for a personal assistant I was building with Rasa. It’s still in Alpha and it’s free, if you feel it could help you please hit me up!


Nice work,

definitely a good way to put some life in any boring bot.

Very cool!

Thanks! Hopefully others will find it cool too! :smile:

Cheers, found it difficult put enough info into a bot to make it interesting and figured others were the same - hopefully that’s the case!

Hi @Andrew-Murtagh! Is this project still alive? I can’t access, seems it’s not working…:confused: