Hi @arthurTemporim Hope everything is ok and good luck with your match today. I have seen the webinar you publish and they are super cool! I have seen you were integrating with Rasa in your projects. Would you mind to help with few issues I am facing? we did connect rasa and and we using livechat to get the bot receiving the messages from the webpage.

  • I can make the bot user defined in to be force online, I need to get a session with this user defined with bot role open to make it work.

  • Is rasa - handling multi-conversation at the same time? Is this something you tweak in the connector?

I appreciate any help you can bring to us.

Thank you

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Hi @amsolu and thank you :smiley:

Sure, will be a pleasure to help you.

  1. Yes, this is possible! We made it in one project, here are some useful links:

Python script that connects with a Rocket.Chat instance, create a bot user and configure the LiveChat:

Python code to connect with Rocket.Chat:

  1. Yes, Rasa handles multiple simultaneous users, and it is not needed to make other configurations.

It is important to see that this method doesn’t use the easy Rasa credentials configuration, because of the Rocket.Chat side was not updated if I am not wrong. So this code should help you.

If everything goes fine you should be able to see all the conversations made by LiveChat in Rocket.Chat like the image attached.

Did I answer you? Is there any other issue?

Arthur, @arthurTemporim Thank you very much for your answer and the clear description. I will review and try on our server all your comments and scripts. I will let you know how everything is going.

Have a great day

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Hi @arthurTemporim, Just would like to give you a feedback and thanks to you. We finally got our bot communicated with Rocket.Chat following your recommendations.

now we have a new challenge in front, you might or might not have the answer.

We place a pre-registration form before to talk with either agent or bot in livechat.

we are trying to capture the name and email requested in the preregistration form to pass it to our bot.

Could you please point out to the documentation or give us the way to capture this two fields in the pre-registration form? We fail trying to understand or trying to find the right documentation.

Thank you very much for your help

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Hello again, @amsolu,

The pre-registration that you are using is the RocketChat form, right?

I have found some information about the livechat form: rocketchat documentation.

But I do not know a good way to solve it, because the RocketChat is the part that handles user data and for Rasa what is important is the channel data. I will keep looking for other solutions but I don’t know one now :confused:

Hi friends,

why you are not just using the RocketChat channel connection config with the incoming outgoing webhook?

then it is not necessary to use extra files. or there is a reason to do so?

It is necessary to keep alive a session started by the bot user, to make it appear as online, that is the reason for some of the extra code. Also, the bot config have code to create the bot user, the bot department, etc.

@arthurTemporim hello , i have rasa now on my rocketchat as a bot … can you help me to make rasa connected to livechat at rocket chat ?