Problem with entity role recognition

Hi, I am trying to build a chatbot for train booking (just a univerisity project, the chatbot will interact with a mock database). I have a problem with entity recognition, in particular in distinguishing the role of the entitiy “location” between departure and destinaiton. We do not have data available, so we created the nlu training data from scratch. The part of the nlu that should train the location recognition looks like this: (they are examples under the intent: inform)

- I need a train going to [Osnabrueck]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - I need a train from [Hannover]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} to [Berlin]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} in the [morning](time) of the [15-03-2023](date).
    - I want to leave from [Hanover]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} to [Hengelo]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - I want to leave from [Berlin]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - I need to go to [Osnabrueck]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - want to go from [Munich]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} to [Hanover]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - I want to travel to [Berlin]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - I want to travel to [Frankfurt]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"} from [Munich]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - I would like to go from [Hamburg]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} to [Osnabrueck]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - I'd like to go to [Hengelo]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"} from [Osnabrueck]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - I'd like to go from [Berlin]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} to [Hengelo]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - from [Osnabrueck]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - to [Osnabrueck]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - from [berlin]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - to [Berlin]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - from [frankfurt]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - to [frankfurt]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - from [Munich]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - to [Munich]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - from [Hanover]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - to [Hannover]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - from [Hengelo]{"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - to [Hengelo]{"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - destination city is [muenchen] {"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - departure city is [hannover] {"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - I'll depart from [berlin] {"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - I'll go to [frankfurt] {"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - Departure will be [osnabrueck] {"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - Destination will be [hengelo] {"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}
    - We are going to [Berlin] {"entity": "location", "role": "departure"}
    - The train should go from [frankfurt] {"entity": "location", "role": "departure"} to [muenchen] {"entity": "location", "role": "destination"}

This is the configuration we are using:

language: en

 - name: WhitespaceTokenizer
 - name: RegexFeaturizer
 - name: LexicalSyntacticFeaturizer
 - name: CountVectorsFeaturizer
 - name: CountVectorsFeaturizer
   analyzer: char_wb
   min_ngram: 2
   max_ngram: 4
 - name: DIETClassifier
   epochs: 100
   constrain_similarities: true
   model_confidence: softmax

 - name: MemoizationPolicy
 - name: TEDPolicy
   max_history: 5
   epochs: 50
   constrain_similarities: true
 - name: RulePolicy

What could I do to improve the recognition of departure and destiantion?

Thank you in advance.

@abriotto Try increasing the Diet classifier epochs to 200.

Thank you! It works definetly better. When the user uses full sentences (eg. “I want to leave from Hannover” or even just “from/to Hannover”) the entity role is recognised correctly.

The only think that still doesn’t work is that when the bot asks for the “departure” slot (I am using a form) and the user replies just with the name of the city, it gets always recognised as a destination. Is there a way to fix this maintaining the “from entity” slot mapping?

Thank you!

You can override this by writing a custom action where you can ignore the role and still assign it back to your required slot.

Have a look at customizing forms.

Thank you!!