Problem with Discard Changes for Integrated Version Control for Rasa X

Hi, I integrated Rasa X with Gitlab and the first integration went smoothly. Rasa X pulled all the repo. But no I’ve changed a lot of code on Gitlab and Rasa X is not pulling the latest version. The bar next to master is red.

I found here:

Something that could be the solution:

You can of course also discard your changes. Rasa X will then be reset to the latest state of your remote branch.

However when I click " Discard changes" and then “Yes, discard” there’s no effect.

How can I solve it?

Best, Konrad

Hi Konrad,

Review the Rasa X log for errors and paste them here. docker-compose logs rasa-x


Hey Greg,

Logs are here: logs.txt (316.9 KB)