Problem about train

Hello everyone, i have a problem during the command rasa train on my mac M1 the problem is:

(Rasa_virtual_env) (base) enrico@MacBook-Pro-di-enri my_rasa_project % rasa train
/Users/enrico/Rasa_virtual_env/lib/python3.9/site-packages/rasa/core/ MovedIn20Warning: Deprecated API features detected! These feature(s) are not compatible with SQLAlchemy 2.0. To prevent incompatible upgrades prior to updating applications, ensure requirements files are pinned to "sqlalchemy<2.0". Set environment variable SQLALCHEMY_WARN_20=1 to show all deprecation warnings.  Set environment variable SQLALCHEMY_SILENCE_UBER_WARNING=1 to silence this message. (Background on SQLAlchemy 2.0 at:
  Base: DeclarativeMeta = declarative_base()
zsh: illegal hardware instruction  rasa train