Portuguese pre-trained models for HFTransformersNLP

I’ve been looking at the HFTransformersNLP component and the list of provided models, but it seems that the models officially posted by HFT do not include portuguese examples. On the community-uploaded models, however, it does have a neuralmind/bert-base-portuguese-cased.

Is there a way of using such community-uploaded models on HFTransformersNLP?

Hi @lgabs. As of now, you can choose from the list officially supported models. Technically you can alter things for Rasa to support your own model, but for that to work you would need to create a custom class which inherits from HFTransformersNLP class

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Just a question: are there examples of such custom classes and what they should do to use my own model on the pipeline?

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Hi, have you gotten the answer to your question @lgabs ? Or I am waiting for an answer like you :slight_smile:

Hi! I could not invest time on trying my own custom class for that, wanna look into that this year. If it helps, this link teaches how to create custom classes :

If you have ideas to share, it will be helpful!