HFTransformers in German?

Hi, I would like to ask about the Transformers in Rasa and their adaptability to languages other then English.

I am currently working with German language and I am curious, if the Rasa Transformers component also supports it? Because as far as I understood, Rasa only supports English trained language models (i.e., bert-base-uncased, xlnet-base-cased, etc.).

Is there any possibility to use a multi-language BERT as well?

Many thanks in advance for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alena

There is “bert-base-german-cased”.

This is how you can add it to you pipeline(Rasa >= 1.8.0):

   - name: HFTransformersNLP
     model_name: "bert"
     model_weights: "bert-base-german-cased"

More info: http://forum.rasa.com/t/support-for-language-models-inside-rasa

Hi! Thank you very much for the fast response and instructions! :relaxed: I will try it out!