Permission Problem - Rasa X Helm Chart Deployment on IBM Kubernetes Service

hey everyone,

while following this guide, I was able to deploy rasa x successfully on Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately on IBM Services I am running into permission errors:


redis: “Can’t open the append-only file: Permission denied”

postgresql: “mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/bitnami/postgresql/data’: Permission denied”

rabbit “touch: cannot touch ‘/opt/bitnami/rabbitmq/var/lib/rabbitmq/.start’: Permission denied”

Has anyone seen this issue before? Any help is appreciated!

Hi @mackseb,

The reason why you have a problem with permissions is that containers run as a non-root user. You can find more information on how to solve this kind of issue in the IBM Cloud documentation.

Additionally here you have the link that might be useful as well: Read only error when creating a mounting a PVC in IBM Cloud Kubernetes - Stack Overflow

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hi Tomasz,

thanks for the quick response! I will have a look into your links and try if I can make it work!

I was able to solve the permission problem by using the following additional values in my values.yml:

    enabled: true

    enabled: true

    enabled: true