Ambiguous Documentation

Hello, I’m struggling a lot with actually deploying rasa x in production. Right now, no one I’ve talked to, actually understood what user should have the proper permissions when deploying with docker compose. This bit is the one that creates confusion:

On Linux, a local directory is used for persistent Postgres database storage. You must set the correct owner and permissions of the database persistence directory using this command:

I am constantly having the following issue:

postgresql 14:28:12.63 INFO  ==> ** Starting PostgreSQL setup **
postgresql 14:28:12.66 INFO  ==> Validating settings in POSTGRESQL_* env vars..
postgresql 14:28:12.66 INFO  ==> Loading custom pre-init scripts...
postgresql 14:28:12.67 INFO  ==> Initializing PostgreSQL database...
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/bitnami/postgresql’: Permission denied

That’s after following the exact commands listed here: Docker Compose Installation at the “Permissions on Mounted Directories”.

Initially I just installed docker, added my user to the docker group and ran the install but that gave the same error. I then thought I should check the docs and try what’s written there although that shouldn’t be necessary for the automatic install.

I tried setting the permissions to root:root, currentuser:currentuser, root:docker but none of them seem to be working. I have sudo rights, I have root access, but I cannot find a way to actually deploy it.

I’d be very thankful if someone would help!

@georgebrianb Hello!

Can I request please share your docker file, so that I can suggest you and help you?

Hey, I managed to deploy it. I’ve played with the permissions for a while and made it work with the command that sets the UID 1001 as owner of the db files. It’s weird as none of the users I have on the system have that UID. But I’m happy it works now!

@georgebrianb Great :slight_smile:! Please mark above post Ambiguous Documentation - #3 by georgebrianb a solution for others.

Docker file required USER root access and USER 1001 or 1000 for rasa.