Parameter passing in whatsapp template Rasa

Is it possible to have place holders in the WhatsApp proactive message templates and use the value of these place holders as a variable into the rasa code.

eg: If I have a proactive message - Hello {{1}}, Your order details on our site are as follows: Order ID is {{2}} and product name is {{3}}. Where {{1}} = user name, {{2}} = order ID and {{3}} = product name.

The values of the place holders are obtained from a database/3rd party system. I will now want to use these values into the rasa code and display it in subsequent messages in the bot flow. eg: Hello Jake, Your Order ID is: 10012. What details do you need about your order?

Please note that I don’t want the user to provide the order ID but the bot should show it to the user depending on some unique ID

Hi, you can use templated responses (see here). You’ll have to create slots for the place holders, and set those slots using the values from the database.