Parameter passing in WhatsApp template possible in Rasa?

Is it possible to have place holders in the WhatsApp proactive message templates and use the value of these place holders as a variable into the rasa code.

eg: If I have a proactive message - Hello {{1}}, Your order details on our site are as follows: Order ID is {{2}} and product name is {{3}}. Where {{1}} = user name, {{2}} = order ID and {{3}} = product name.

The values of the place holders are obtained from a database/3rd party system. I will now want to use these values into the rasa code and display it in subsequent messages in the bot flow. eg: Hello Jake, Your Order ID is: 10012. What details do you need about your order?

Please note that I don’t want the user to provide the order ID but the bot should show it to the user depending on some unique ID

Hi there @Laxmi and thanks for your question.

This should be possible by filling the slots in a custom action. The custom action would be in charge of fetching information from the database and set the slots, and the responses the end-user sees would be using those slots (provided you define responses with variables).

Let me know if this works!