Overlapping slots in inform intent for a form

I am using forms for a conversation that involves 3 countries, example: I am shipping a book published in Mexico from USA to Japan
I have trained my models so that a full sentence similar to the example above works perfectly, but when using a form, to collect the 3 country names one by one, something gets confused and slots overlap and overwrite each other. Example:

  • -> I want to ship a book to Japan
  • = where is the book published?
  • -> Mexico
  • = which country are you sending from?
  • -> USA
  • = so to confirm you are sending a book published in Mexico from Mexico to Japan

these countries are all categorical slots with a list of all countries.

I am of course using a custom action derived form FormAction that has a slot mapping like: “origin_country”: self.from_text(intent=“inform”)

what is the best way to control overlapping slots in an “inform” intent inside a form action?

Any help or pointers, suggestion are very much appreciated,

I am also facing a similar error. My required slots are unitsize: type: unfeaturized minarea: type: unfeaturized maxarea: type: unfeaturized minbudget: type: unfeaturized maxbudget: type: unfeaturized When user enters the reply to utter_ask_unitsize, utter_ask_minarea, utter_ask_maxarea, utter_ask_minbudget, utter_ask_maxbudget these values are overlapping. Means the values entered for MaxBudget getting replaced by MinArea or unitsize getting replaced by someother slot value, etc. I am using tracker.get_slot(“maxbudget”), to extract values. please suggest if you find any answer to the issue.