Other Entities ranking needed

Hi i would like to get the all entities rankings from the question parsed.

Say for eg, when we are parsing a question , we would get all the intents rankings that the model guessed and out of which the model would return the most highest ranking one.

Similarly i would like to get the entities ranking of all entities for a question that is parsed.

TO be more pressed, say for example im having 20 distinct entities, and the question that i passed has only 4 entities, the model would identify those 4 entities and give them the confidence level. But i want is the model should give all the confidence level with name for all entities for every entitiy that it is recognizingg. !!

Thanks in advance.

We currently do not support entity ranking. There exists a GitHub issue for that: Entity ranking · Issue #3854 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub Feel free to comment with your use case.