Order of validation methods

I’m reading conflicting answers on the forum regarding the ordering of validate_* functions. Can someone please clarify?

I have 3 validate functions validate_x, validate_y, and validate_z, and I need to run validate_x first before validate_y but for some reason validate_y always runs first.

I’ve read other threads that said required_slots() controls the ordering but I can’t get it to work

def required_slots( self, slots_mapped_in_domain: List[Text], dispatcher: “CollectingDispatcher”, tracker: “Tracker”, domain: “DomainDict”, ) -> List[Text]: return [“x”, “y”, “z”]

Please help

Dynamic Form Behavior#

By default Rasa Open Source will ask for the next empty slot from the slots listed for your form in the domain file.

so make sure that the order of your slots in domain file is x,y,z.

if you want to validate_x before validate_y