Forms : Slot filling in particular order

How do i fill slots in a strict order and not randomly using form actions

Well, the bot asks for slots in the order specified in the required_slots method. However, the validation order of slots is random (iteration over dict). What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

You could also change the required slots so that they build sequentially, so that the second slot is not required until the first is filled, etc etc

Can you please give more details on how to do this sequential slot filling? I have two dates that have to be filled and my form constantly fills the start date, although it has already been filled.

That sounds like a different issue – you probably need a validation method that says if it’s already filled, to keep the old value rather than replace it with the new (i assume they are both filled from the date entitiy)

mine was to do with the order in which the questions for slot filling are to be asked