One microservice with many fields

Hey, I want to create a chatbot that behave differently depending on the chosen field (bussiness, accountancy, banking). At the beginnig of the converstion user can pick in which field he want to talk. One way to do this is to create 3 separate chatbot microservices and send messages from user to the specific chatbot. Is there a way to do this with only one microservice with few fields (every field has it’s own and domain)?

You can design the stories in your training data to reflect this behaviour.

Thanks for the reply but it’s not the case. I should have clarified the question more. Let’s say we have a FAQ chatbot for application for accountants. User can choose in which field he want to ask question, because for each field, answer for the same question may be different.

For example the fields in this app are: banking, taxes, business

There are questions that have different meaning for each field and require different answer depending on chosen field.

When user asks question in field “banking” he should get different answer than if he chosen “business” field

You can have a categorical slot with three values: banking, taxes and business.

In the stories you can differentiate them like so:

## Banking stuff
* example_intent
- slot{"field": "banking"}
- show_banking_stuff


## Taxes
* example_intent
- slot{"field": "taxes"}
- show_taxes_stuff