Slot value confirmation

Hi, Can anyone help me how to ask back to confirm a slot value that is extracted. What my point is if i have two slots to be filled say account number transaction id ,if user giving the values then it should ask back like this I got this account number {56841239856},Is it correct or you want to change? If user says No,the previous slot value should be deleted and it should ask back for same value again. How to do this?? Any Ideas or suggestions

A FormAction can take care of this, see Forms

When you use as required_slots the account number and accout number confirmation, you can first ask the account number and then ask for confirmation. If the user answers no, you empty the account number slot, if the user says yes you can continue to the next required_slot (if you have one)

Thanks for the reply…It worked…Have a Great day

Hey, can you maybe copy your code? I am having the same issue and can’t seem to solve it, thanks!

@vijayirlapati can your show your code? I am having the same issue thx

@zbot how do you solve your problem?