Not able to restart Rasa Server

I am new to RASA. Once I have started RASA server using rasa shell command , I am unable to stop it via ctrl+Z or any keyboard event. As a result I have to close the prompt and activate the virtual env and then again start rasa server. what is the correct way .need help …

If you can provide more context to what command you are running I’m assuming just rasa run shell or equivalent.

Typically you should be able to just cntrl+c and close it out no issues. If you want to provide more context to the command you are running and any screenshots showing what are you seeing and I should be able to get a better idea what is happening.

Hello, I have a similar issue, Ctrl-C works fine if I run “rasa shell” or “rasa train” but does not work in case of “rasa run actions” I have to kill a process manually to stop the action server, is this correct way?


No it should not be, I don’t have that issue currently on my local testing. Is there anything unique about your setup?