Not able to extract name of any city as an entity by giving only few example in nlu intent?

- intent: weather
  examples: |
    - tell me weather of [Bengaluru](location)
    - display weather of [Mumbai](location)
    - what is weather today in [Pune](location)
    - what is temprature in [bengaluru](location)
    - i want to know the temperature of [chennai](location)

I want to extract city name other than cities provided in example. Please help me which configuration to use.

Hi Mudassir,

To get it to work for other cities as well, you could introduce either RegexEntityExtractor (Components) or RegexFeaturizer (Components) in your config.yml. Also, in your training data, you should add a lookup table (NLU Training Data) so that the model is able to pick up other cities without having them explicitly in your intent examples.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have other inquiries.

Regards, Nikola

So mean I have to add all cities in lookup table?