Non-channel integrations

I am new to rasa and I am just starting to explore. Please bear with me if what I state is incorrect / misunderstood.

I am attempting to integrate a service that is not a channel but consumes the outputs provided by rasa and the inputs given by any messaging channel. For example, I’d like to consume the raw message provided by the message channel, and the output of the rasa bot (classified intents and its confidence scores, replies by the bot, etc).

At first, I attempted to do this via using events, but for facebook for example, the events payload is missing the recipient_id (for event: ‘bot’) and message type. So far, I’ve only compared the facebook payload with the events payload, but I feel like the other platforms might share a similar gap. I was wondering if there’s any way to include this information in the event payload, or if there’s a better way of retrieving this data for all messages?