No Save-Button for Model Configuration

I can’t save the Model Configuration because I can’t see any Save-Button:

If I change the config and leave the page I get this message: “Are you sure you want to navigate away before saving the new configuration file?”

Is this a known bug? Is something wrong with my setup? Is there another way to save this config, or upload my own file?

It’s a fresh setup with docker-compose. I’ve created my own docker-compose config, but it’s based on “docker-compose.ce.yml”. I have the same problem with the stable (Rasa-X 0.19.5) and the latest (0.19.6.dev289+g47e42aa) docker image. Rasa is running on version 1.1.7.

I’ve updated Rasa to version 1.1.8 and Rasa X to the latest dev version (0.19.6.dev291+ga6083db) and now I have a save button :smiley:

Hi @csteinmetz, welcome to the forum! I’m glad you solved your issue!

I’m also having this issue after upgrading to 0.20.2. To confirm my Rasa-X version, I choose the support menu item from the Rasa-X UI and it fills in Version: dev-CC.

Run I run pip show rasa-x it shows I am running version 0.20.2.

I have a second install of Rasa X 0.20.2 that is not exhibiting this problem. Both installs are using Rasa 1.2.5