No Save-Button for Model Configuration

I can’t save the Model Configuration because I can’t see any Save-Button:

If I change the config and leave the page I get this message: “Are you sure you want to navigate away before saving the new configuration file?”

Is this a known bug? Is something wrong with my setup? Is there another way to save this config, or upload my own file?

It’s a fresh setup with docker-compose. I’ve created my own docker-compose config, but it’s based on “docker-compose.ce.yml”. I have the same problem with the stable (Rasa-X 0.19.5) and the latest (0.19.6.dev289+g47e42aa) docker image. Rasa is running on version 1.1.7.

I’ve updated Rasa to version 1.1.8 and Rasa X to the latest dev version (0.19.6.dev291+ga6083db) and now I have a save button :smiley:

Hi @csteinmetz, welcome to the forum! I’m glad you solved your issue!

I’m also having this issue after upgrading to 0.20.2. To confirm my Rasa-X version, I choose the support menu item from the Rasa-X UI and it fills in Version: dev-CC.

Run I run pip show rasa-x it shows I am running version 0.20.2.

I have a second install of Rasa X 0.20.2 that is not exhibiting this problem. Both installs are using Rasa 1.2.5

Sorry If I’m resurrecting an older thread but this has been happening to our team as well on docker. we’ve upgraded several times over the last couple months, currently with 0.22.2. I had it work randomly one day thankfully when I needed it. Haven’t seen the save button come back though. I don’t know if it shows up after an upgrade then doesn’t work but it feels like a bigger issue when working from a docker image. Just wondering if someone from Rasa or others had found out why it happens or if it might be fixed in a update sometime?

If there is not enough information on this bug perhaps if I knew what logs or info you’d like to diagnose, I could help get this problem solved.

Do we need to do something special for config files when dealing with docker?