No idea to configure custom messages on Rasa for Angular 7

Hello All,

Please help how to set the custom messages for my Rasa chatbot.


  1. If user enters “Manufacturing”, i need to set a response like " Please tell me, which line you want to track in manufacturing?"

  2. If user enters “Gear Box”, i need to set a response like " Please tell me, which size of box you want?"

Like… Multiple responses.

See my code in Angular 7:

chat-widget botName=“Manikandan M” startingMessage=“Hello Mani” opened=“false” url=“http://localhost:4200

And, when i set opened=“false”, the bot always opned when i open the application. I need to close the bot until user clicks on icon.

It may be very basic question, but i am very new to this.

Thanks in advance. Thanks, Mani MKNPreformatted text

For your usecase, you’ll need to use forms

Rasa is a backend technology. So there is no dependency on a front-end component built using Angular. You can ask this question in Angular forums.

Thanks for your reply, Can you please share any sample code for both integrated code front end and back end. So that, i could understand how to do that?


hey @manimknrn, I have created a front end in jQuery for Rasa, it can help you for developing in Angular:

and If you want to handle the custom messages, you can refer this lines of codes:

and check out the sample bot which sends the custom messages:

Let me know if this helps you :slight_smile:

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Hi , please you can help me ! I d’like to integrate Rasa Bot on Angular