Text and voice chatbot in same vue

HI guys , I’m working on a rasa chatbot, i prepared the nlu part and the voice part using google speech API, … for the interface i used rasa-angular-widget , now i want to add the voice functionality to the interface, i want it to be like in this photo here i can chat using voice and messages … i thinking about using a flask backend and try to add the voice component to the angular widget … can you help me , if one of you have a doccumentation or a tutorial , or can give me some steps guiding me to the best results and thank you in advance .


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hello , i’m doing the same , can you plz tell me how dd you do it, or if there are any good tuto ? thnk u

hi Rahma i’m sorry for the delay of the response, i recommend this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esWPb4i4vyY&ab_channel=InnovateYourselfInnovateYourself , i linked my rasa bot to Angular interface , the logic was to record the voice on the interfaceusing RecordRTC and then forward it to the NLU pipeline in the backend , first the voice will be coverted to text using google api speech to text , then we’ll get a text reponse from google api , after that this response will be treated by rasa pipeline and generates a response , after that the response will be converted back to voice using TTS (text to speech) feature using a python package pyttsx3 or you can simply use gtts from google api … i hope these information helps and i hope you fix it asap Best of luck