NLU Theshold cannot be changed

I am using Rasa version 0.14.2

I have defined in the policies that my NLU threshold should be 0.20. Also I have included the fallback action in the file.

For some reason I get always this comment: “NLU confidence 0.18041951265301462 is lower than NLU threshold 0.3.”

This leads to the fallback action to be triggered.

How can I control the Threshold to actually be 0.2? is there a bug in this version?

Thank alot :slight_smile:

It’s hard to tell if that’s a bug remotely. The easiest way to test that would be for you to install a newer version of rasa and see if the problem persists. Would you mind also posting your config files?

I’ve installed a newer version and it’s working fine now :slight_smile: