Nlu and stories with database?

Good afternoon, is there a way to save the nlu and stories information in a database?

You’ll need to write your own code that reads the file and uploads them to a database

@Gino-Lopez12 Nice, thought; but if you allow me can I ask, what is the significance of storing NLU and stories in the database and what is your actual use case?

I think that we should not overload the nlu.yml file and better that it can read from a database all the intentions and do the training. But my doubt remains. Can be done? Which is the best way?

@Gino-Lopez12 Simple answer is no :stuck_out_tongue: As rasa need some training examples and for that, we need nlu.yml as you know already and even stories play a very crucial role in the conversation. Now, I come to your approach, which is quite fine, but in the database the schema is different and rasa is different. You can fetch the data and render the response, but if you want to fetch the data nlu etc file, then how the bot will get to know what he needs to do, as he is not trained based on nlu training example? Did you understand my point?

I understand. Thank you. :grinning:

@Gino-Lopez12 Then, do the justice please close this thread for other readers and for your own reference :slight_smile: and good luck for your project!