Can I use database for training bot?

I 'm a rasa beginner who have been working on Mobile World. I 'm very interested in Rasa Framework so I 'm going to use one in other jobs. First problem what I have met here is that ‘how can I use training data from database, is it possible?’. I have read many articles but unfortunately nothing right answer. Please, who know about it, share more.

One option is to write script to generate, and domain.yml from the DB.

If you mainly have the replies in the DB you can create Actions to fetch the data and decide based on intent and slot data…what to do…

Hi sten. Thanks for your answer. As like you say, of course all training data may be generated in DB Side. But is there any default option for it? And then I can use only,, domai.yml file for train model?

I dont think so … nobody but you knows the schema of your data. F.e. i wrote some data in non-standard .txt file and then I wrote a script to generate rasa .md files from it.

You have to do something similar, but from DB.