Comments in MD/YML files

Is there a suggested way to add comments to the,, domain.yml files without interfering with Rasa or them getting deleted by Rasa/Rasa X?

hello @tatianaf

On *md files you can use:


On *yaml files there isn’t block comments, so you have to use ‘#’ for each line:



Is there a way to prevent Rasa X to delete these comments and format the file? Everytime I run Rasa X, the yaml domain file is restructuralized and new lines and comments are deleted, which makes the file not so easy readable…

Did you managed to solve this @lukasch?

Hi @ChikkaUdayaSai! I haven’t tried Rasa X since. I’m not sure if I can solve it somehow by myself or do some workaround because I thought it depends on how Rasa X processes files. I used version 0.31.0 of Rasa X so I don’t know if any changes related to this were made in the current version?

@lukasch have you ever found an answer to this? I am currently experiencing the same thing.

@john.mcquaid unfortunately I haven’t. It would be great if it would be fixed.

@lukasch, I’ve let John know on a separate thread – this is a known issue, and unfortunately at the moment there is no way to prevent them being deleted. To my knowledge, there is also no workaround.

@fkoerner, thank you for the update.

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