New Pricing Tier for Growth Companies

Hello everyone,

We know that pricing has been a frequent request here in the forum, and we wanted to announce a pricing tier for growth companies: Rasa now offers access to the Rasa Platform at the lower price point of $35k. Check out our new package here.

Thanks for all of your feedback.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for this information. I already experimented with Rasa PRO developer license.

I am interested in exploring license details for my business case. I raised request with Sales team but did not hear back.

Kindly please help



Hi Geeta,

Great to hear you are interested in working with Rasa! I’ve brought it up with the team, and they should have responded. Let me know if you need any more support,



Hi Lauren, Thanks for the reminder. Just wanted to let you know I got a callback!

Reagrds, Geeta

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Thank you again for your previous support in connecting me with the team. I’m following up to inquire if it might be possible to schedule a brief meeting to discuss potential collaboration on our elderly care mission. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to explore how Rasa’s technology could empower our socially-driven project.

Hello Geeta, I hear you have a meeting all set for tomorrow now, let me know if you need any more support!


I don’t yet see meeting invite, waiting for the same.




Hi Lauren, I had meeting yesterday. Thank you for your support

Thanks, Geeta