New intent form rules

I’m confused about the new form and slot filling rules.

Let’s take this scenario:

Bot: What would you like to order?

User: I’d like to order a drink

Bot: What would you like to drink?

User: I’d like some tea

Now, is this a from_intent or from_trigger_intent scenario? In this situation, I imagine having a form path that has slots named “drinks” or “food” and if the user mentions drinks, the “utter_ask_drinks” action is triggered.

In my case, I’d like a series of questions that need to be actively asked (like the food or drink scenario) and i’m not quite sure which of the new form rules applies.

Thanks for any help!

Could you perhaps explain a little more about what your intention is? Rasa is mainly input / output.

Rasa has just launched a starter pack for the retail / resturants sector. You can find it here

But you can also work out many scenarios with costum actions how you would like to have it yourself.