.Net custom return 'unexpected json mimetype'

Hi guys, I have made a rudimentary web server with .Net C#, that I am using for a few things, but among them, i want to use it as a rasa action server.

For now, I have made a toggle that I flip to turn it into ‘rasa’ mode, which makes it run a specific set of logic. For now, it just returns a simple json string:

{“text”:“Dracon response tendered”}

I have hooked this up in credentials and endpoints, however the rasa runtime is returning an error: ‘Attempt to decode JSON with an unexpected mimetype’.

I have searched the docs, havent been able to find anything for it, im just looking to tender a custom utter message.

Any ideas?

Just bumping. Just need to know the format the runtime is expecting from an action

If anyone runs across this, I fixed the mime-type issue. That was just me needing to do my homework (changed my response Content-Type to application/json).

No longer getting errors, but my message is still not getting sent, so im still on this…

Have you look here? This docs page has examples of the request and response format.

I had been to that page 100 times, and until I read your message i didnt scroll to see the response format. Thank you! I will test this tonight, heres hoping :slight_smile: