Nested checkpoints. Only one level deep?


(Patrick McEvoy) #1

Hi there

## Type valid - try 1 fail 2 success
> check_type_is_valid
  - slot{"_invalidTypeQuery": true}
  - utter_tc_need_type_info
* identify
  - action_find_tickets
  - slot{"_invalidTypeQuery": false}
> check_tc_success

We are trying to nest checkpoints, but it doesn’t seem to the working. We’ve realised the flaws with checkpoints, but were hoping to use the story dumping feature to get all the (thousands of) full length stories we want.

Anyone hit this problem already?

I’m thinking recursive should for checkpoints could be added in here

Any pointer would be absolutely great. Thanks

(Patrick McEvoy) #2

Okay, we figured this out. It was incorrect stories. Rasa does support this!