Are checkpoints in rules.yml not allowed?

i tired adding a checkpoint in rules.yml for one of my forms:

  • rule: Submit form condition:
    • active_loop: budgeting_form steps:
    • action: budgeting_form
    • active_loop: null
    • slot_was_set:
      • requested_slot: null
    • action: action_budgeting_solutions
    • action: utter_if_helpful
    • checkpoint: check_if_helpful

and this is the supposed story it should follow based on the checkpoint, found in my stories.yml:

  • story: check if helpful steps:
    • checkpoint: check_if_helpful
    • intent: affirm
    • action: utter_happy
    • action: utter_is_all
    • checkpoint: check_is_all

when i try to run rasa shell it says it does not recognize the checkpoint. is this not allowed? or could i have some errors inn other parts? thanks

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To my knowledge checkpoints are a mechanism that can be used in stories, but I’m unsure about rules. The docs confirm only story compatibility.

Just to check, you were able to train without errors?

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this is what it shows when i try to train it with the checkpoint in rules:

YamlValidationException: Failed to validate ‘data/rules.yml’. Please make sure the file is correct and all mandatory parameters are specified. Here are the errors found during validation: in data/rules.yml:43: Key ‘checkpoint’ was not defined. Path: ‘/rules/5/steps/5’

Yeah, I think that confirms it. Checkpoints are for stories only.

Since checkpoints are not supported in rules.yml, guess there is no way around duplicating the whole checkpoint definition from stories.yml to everywhere you intend to use the said checkpoint within rules.yml. :slightly_smiling_face: