Need to integrate voice assistance RASA

Hi, I want to make my Chat-Bot work with voice commands. Is RASA have that voice assistance things or I have to use some other thing? So, can you please help me to make my RASA chatbot voice assistance enabled?


Hi @navneet. Rasa doesn’t come with a standalone solution for voice, but you can integrate your Rasa assistant with voice platforms like Google Assistant or open source options like Mozilla Deep Speech. We actually ran a few experiments in that area and wrote a few tutorials on that topic. Check them out:

Hi @Juste does google charge for using Google Assistant API if we use it for commercial purposes?

Hi @noman. I am sure Google API charges for the amount of audio data processed. Here’s the pricing for the google speech-to-text API.

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Hi @Juste thanks for the above link regarding pricing. Now, I am following your tutorial Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant . A lot has been changed at the Google actions console’s end . Can you please update the tutorial with new screenshots and flow as I am having trouble implementing it. Community will also get benefit . Thank you so much.

The blog is outdated and does not work if followed. So I wanted to ask what are the necessary changes that needs to be done in order for it to work.