Need for isolation of action server from the rasa server


why should action server be isolated from rasa? I mean why do they have to be different containers? Can I not just make a Dockerfile to run commands that would start the action server and the rasa server?

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@ChrisRahme any inputs here?

@souvikg10 any input?

Hi, it’s generally recommended that you separate them into different containers. Check this out - Run multiple services in a container | Docker Documentation

Maybe @nik202 can add to this :slight_smile:

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Thanks. This means I can still have all those commands to run action server, rasa server, duckling etc in a wrapper script and run that in the Dockerfile right? My use case is that all of these components work or none of them work. Plus I’m not going to use action server separately for something else.

@nik202 can you please provide some insights here?