Natural language that can query to database

I am planning to build a chatbot which can query to database by writing natural language. How can i achieve that using rasa?

Hello @siddharthchauhan I am also working on similar kind of project. You can use slots for collecting input once all slots are full the you can fire query to database. You can read more about slots here…

How it will convert natural language to SQL?

Can you explain in detail.


Asking this type of question is like “I want to do something but have an excuse to not do it myself. Can someone feed me with code please ?”

How it will convert natural language to SQL?

Because you code it to do so.

Train a NLU model to detect and extract all the information you need (table name, row, ID, etc.) using intents, NER, etc. Create stories to get the information you need. Use slot and form to collect and store the required information in order to use it after. Develop an action to query the database when all the required information are available.

There is no ready-made answers. 4 of your posts was “I need chat to SQL, give it to me”. For all of them it was the same answer : “Do it, no solution exists at the moment.”

As mentioned here Natural language to SQL. There is no tool existing and creating one seems quite hard. So before asking for a complete and usable code try to do it by yourself and stop asking for always the same question. Understand first how RASA works by doing tutorials and reads RASA blog. After that make researches on forums, scientific publication and papers about SQL and natural language. Then you will understand things and have idea to develop your bot.