Multiple utterances after an Intent

Hi everyone!

On rasa docs I came across an example in “Guiding Users - Explaining Possibilities” that shows something like this:

## user asks whats possible
  * ask_whatspossible
  * utter_explain_whatspossible
## user asks for something out of scope
  * utter_cannot_help
  * utter_explain_whatspossible

I was wondering if it really is possible to combine multiple utterances after an intent like this. Would both show up after an intent is triggered? Or just the first one?
(I’ve previously came across issues like this, and since I’m just beginning to update to the current version I just wanted to check, any help would be welcome ^^)


Yes multiple bot actions (including utterances) can be triggered after a user intent.

Just a small comment that the star “*” in the story file represents the user intent, and the dash “-” represents the bot action:

To expand the example you provided:

## user_asks_whats_possible
* ask_whatspossible
 - utter_explain_whatspossible
## user_asks_for_out_of_scope
* out_of_scope
 - utter_out_of_scope
 - utter_explain_whatspossible
 - utter_additional_actions

Hope that helps! Cheers

hey @PTRKDY!

It did help, thanks a lot for your answer! :smile:

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