Multiple text and image response

We trying to develop a chatbot where it explains the steps on how to complete a certain task. However when we try it in this way, it does not work:



-text: “Step 1: Search Windows Security. image: “
-text: “Step 2: Click Virus & Threat Protection.” image: “
-text: Step 3: Click “Quick Scan”” image: “

@kumaraguru01 Hello, can you please format the code for better understanding?


What we are trying to achieve is get the bot give a response in steps. for example I ask the bot how to perform a quick scan using Microsoft defender

the response from the bot should be "

                                                        step : 1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                        image 1
                                                        step : 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                        image 2
                                                        step : 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                        image 3"

i hope this helps to explain the issue

@kumaraguru01 What is your frontend?

the issue is more toward the formatting of response in domain.yml file. The frontend is just a simple flask blank page…

@kumaraguru01 Really? Ok. In context of rasa and in domain.yml what ever you should mention it will randomly pick only one response.

    - text: 'Here is something to cheer you up:'
      image: ''
    - text: 'Here is something to cheer you up more:'
      image: ''
    - text: 'Here is something to cheer you up more more more:'
      image: ''

pinging @ChrisRahme for suggestion please.

As Nik said, doing this will randomly pick one response (so, in your case, one step).

You can solve this by:

  • Using one text and one image:

    - text: "Step 1: Search Windows Security.\n\nStep 2: Click Virus & Threat Protection.\n\nStep 3: Click Quick Scan."
      image: ""
  • Using three utterances and linking them by a rule or story:

    - text: "Step 1: Search Windows Security."
      image: ""
    - text: "Step 2: Click Virus & Threat Protection"
      image: ""
    - text: "Step 3: Click Quick Scan."
      image: ""
    - rule: scan_my_laptop_microsoft_defender_up_to_date
      - intent: my_intent
      - action: utter_scan_my_laptop_microsoft_defender_up_to_date_one
      - action: utter_scan_my_laptop_microsoft_defender_up_to_date_two
      - action: utter_scan_my_laptop_microsoft_defender_up_to_date_three
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issue is resolved, thanks

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yup please close this request

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