Multiple domain files

Hi, i wondered if RASA supports multiple domain files.

Here’s the usecase: domain_file_A should hold all project-unspecific data, while another domain_file_B should hold everything project-specific.

When going through the RASA code, i saw that the Domain-object got methods like merge, which seem to do the job of merging two domain objects, so I guess it could already be there.

Is it possible to specify two-domain files for training, such that they get merged?

Hi @IgNoRaNt23,

by default the rasa training only supports only one argument for the domain. However, you can also specify a folder instead of a single file.

Just tested this.

Yes, it is possible to specify a directory, however RASA only looks for the file ‘domain.yml’ and ignores others files (‘domain2.yml’) in my case.

check this. may be helpful