MS Teams - Add message to tracker via API, error

Managed to integrate and chat in MS Teams, but when i wanted to append conversation via API, below is the error:

Append with this:

No issue with other API feature, get tracker works:

Basic conversation works in MS Teams:

My rasa version: image

Please help.

Thank you.

Hi Jeff,

I don’t suppose this integration is on a public repo somewhere?

I made my vm available online, so the ms teams able to reach my rasa endpoint and it does, basic conversation works, but when trigger api for conversation append it shows the error.

also FYI, my VM has SSL cert and RASA activated with SSL, so everything is in proper https connection.

But there is no public python code available for that facilitates the connection between Rasa and MS Teams? If not, is there a minimum viable example you can share so we might be able to reproduce the situation?

Could you log and share the JSON payload that you’re sending to the Rasa server?

Hi koaning, do you mean rasa was never designed for that?