Connect rasa x to microsoft teams

Hello. I am very new to chatbots and I have one question. Is it possible to connect rasa x framework with microsoft teams? My thought is this. When someone chat with the bot on teams I can watch the conversation in order to see and correct the mistakes (eg wrong intent or wrong data slot). If there is another solution to achieve that I would be glad to ‘hear’ it.

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Rasa X will show you all the conversations from all the channels.

Thanks for your reply. Is there any tutorial on how to connect it with microsoft teams?

Try this one:

Thanks for the information but my question is how to connect the rasa x to ms teams in order to monitoring the conversations and training the bot. Is there any tutorial? Thanks again

Already gave you the answer to that:

You don’t need to do anything. If people can talk to your bot on Teams, the chat will be displayed in Rasa X.

Hi, I have deployed RASA X on AWS EC2 but I can access it only using http. However to connect to Microsoft Teams it needs https endpoint url. How do I get that? Also, through ngrok I can test my bot in Teams. I want to know how it can be done in production. Kindly help.