Moving nlu model from one server to another

Hello, I’ve got two servers one for testing and one for production. I want to move model from test to production, but I have different configuration files so my model which is trained on test server doesn’t work on production server. Is there any way to move it?

@Gvantsats welcome to the community! Why do you have different configuration files for those servers? And in what sense do you mean it doesn’t work?

@akelad thank you for your response. When I moved my model trained on the test server to the development server, it returned bad gateway on every request I sent. Then I checked my config and realised that I have different server port for one of my rasa component could it be the case why my model doesn’t work?

@akelad Hi, is there any news on my problem?

@Gvantsats sorry for not replying - i’ve been on vacation. Did you manage to get your issue resolved?