Model not breaking out of the story path


We have trained our model with the configuration below in rasa 1.3.7 environment.

For the story path we have, we observe that once the user affirms on being asked with “is there anything else”, The model goes to a loop on the same path, we see that it doesn’t end this story path and match with other story path. But instead, irrespective of any “questions” asked, it matches with affirm and gives utter_help.

Any reason for this behavior ??

---------STORY PATH---------------

  • question1 OR question2
    • action_answer
    • utter_anythingelse
  • anythingelse{“anythingelse_value”: “yes”} OR affirm
    • slot{“anythingelse_value”: “yes”}
    • utter_help

--------Domain’s Template----------- utter_help:

  • text: “How can I help you ?”


- text: "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
    - title: "Yes"
      payload: '/anythingelse{"anythingelse_value":"yes"}'
    - title: "No"
      payload: '/anythingelse{"anythingelse_value":"no"}'



  • name: “WhitespaceTokenizer”
  • name: “RegexFeaturizer”
  • name: “CRFEntityExtractor”
  • name: “EntitySynonymMapper”
  • name: “CountVectorsFeaturizer”
  • name: “EmbeddingIntentClassifier”


  • name: KerasPolicy epochs: 100 max_history: 5 priority: 1 batch_size: 100 validation_split: 0.2

  • name: MappingPolicy priority: 2

  • name: MemoizationPolicy max_history: 5 priority: 3

  • name: TwoStageFallbackPolicy





can you quickly write down the flow in Rasa story syntax with what’s happening and what should happening?

Also I can recommend to use rasa interactive to see why the bot is deciding for a certain path.

Sure, i will check with interactive session too. Well, Here is the scenario.

User: How is the weather Bot: It is a pleasant weather. Bot: Is there anything else I can help you with ? “Yes”(button) “No” (button) User: Clicks “Yes” Bot: How can I help you ? ///// Expectaion is the story breaks here as the path ends here User: Who built you ///// Expectation: This should be a fresh story path from first. Bot: Few of the Engg in xxxx team Bot: Is there anything else I can help you with ? “Yes”(button) “No” (button) User: What is your name ///// User doesn’t select the button instead asks a question Bot: How can I help you ///// Expectaion: bot to answer, but instead it assumes this as affirm and replies with this reply

I realized one of the reason for this behavior was, it was holding the previous slot value of anythingelse_value.

Hence, i now reset the slot value in action_answer.

anythingElseValue = “”; return [SlotSet(“anythingelse_value”, anythingElseValue)]

By this the behavior of the bot is as expected.