Mobile Interface to Bot Created using RASA Stack

Hello and Greetings to you All: I am in the process of designing an Voice Interactive Bot with a Mobile Interface. Here is my understanding and relevant questions. Please validate if my understanding is correct and also provide a broad guidance on some of my fundamental questions.

  1. There is no voice interface to RASA NLU or RASA Core. It has to be an external service such as google TTS that I have to leverage before I send a text (generated out of STT) to bot and Vice Versa. Is my understanding correct ?
  1. If I have to provide a mobile interface to the Bot, I have design APIs to interact with BOT for Input and Response. RASA framework does not provide direct ability to create APIs. I have to leverage any other framework such as Django for this. Is my understanding correct?
  2. Can I use CustomChannels for developing Mobile Interface to the BOT?

My apologies for a long questions. Appreciate you providing clarity on these. I am very new to RASA framework.


1 Like far as i know, there is no voice interface.

2.there is a http server case. you can make rest calls.

Hi @rajasd !

to answer your questions,

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how did write a api for bot interfaceing