Mobile Channel Integration


I wonder if Rasa chatbot is compatible with mobile integration, if so how we can deploy our chatbot on mobile channel.

Thank you very much

Hello @serdar. It depends if you want your bot to be online or offline. If online all you are looking for, you should be able to train the assistant, store the model on the cloud and connect to your mobile app using rest. But if you are looking for ways to make your bot work offline, it’s a bit trickier, because packaging the model inside the application will increase the size of the application. A long time I have played around wtih Kivy, but I would be interested in seeing other approaches used for that too :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Juste. Thanks for mentioning Kivy as well. If I go further in this direction I will share my experience.

Sincerely, Serdar

How can i connect Rasa Bot to my mobile app using rest?