Miss Identification of Entities

Hello, I was actually making a covid tracker for cities. In NLU file, I mentioned entities as: image

But, when I ask the bot “Give total cases in Jaipur, Mumbai”, Jaipur and Mumbai are not separately identified. Instead, rasa identifies as shown:

Please suggest a way out :slight_smile: @JiteshGaikwad @athenasaurav

@RohanJauhari it depends on how you have labeled the entities in the training data, I see in the above exmaples Jaipur Mumbai are treated as single entity where as you haven’t added it the way you did while testing.

For e.g, In your training data, If you have examples like:

cases in Jaipur Mumbai, it would have extracted both of them as two different city entity

but since you have just added it as single entity

It won’t predict properly.

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