Migrating health check Chatbot to 2.x

When migrating the health check chatbot of rasa version 1.x to 2.x. I’m using version 2.1.2 (latest to date). I’m encountering issues with my forms. I’m trying to reproduce the form ‘health_check’ as accurate as possible. For the domain.yml file i get the error: Loading domain from ‘domain.yml’ failed. Using empty domain. Error: 'If you use the deprecated list syntax for forms, all form names have to be strings. Please see Forms for more information.

According to the docs, I checked out:

I think i made my forms correctly. Here are my files: config.yml (1.3 KB) domain.yml (3.0 KB) nlu.yml (4.6 KB) rules.yml (137 Bytes) stories.yml (2.4 KB) And actions is just an empty file, I don’t do FormValidation for this simple example.

Anyone knows what might be causing this error?

Try validating your domain file in https://yamlint.com As per the error, it is saying that your domain file format is not correct or you have missed mentioned all intents, slots that you used in stories file.

I’m having the same problem can someone help us plz.