Migrated trackers from redis doesn't work on Rasa -x

I have migrated trackers from redis to rasa x sql, Everything works fine except the conversation tab. It shows “There was an error loading messages and polling has been stopped.”

Help will be appreciated.

Which rasa, rasa-x version are you using?

Did you migrate to sqlite? In case you migrated to sqlite:

  • could you please check whether there is anything in tracker.db
  • could you please check whether there is anything in rasa.db

How does your endpoints.yml currently look like?

rasa-x 0.19.2

rasa 1.1.4

Yes, tracker.db and rasa.db are not empty, all the conversation you see only appeared after migration from redis, so it is there. Endpoints.yml

token: ${RASA_X_TOKEN}
wait_time_between_pulls: ${RASA_MODEL_PULL_INTERVAL}
type: sql
dialect: "postgresql"
url: ${DB_HOST}
port: ${DB_PORT}
username: ${DB_USER}
password: ${DB_PASSWORD}
login_db: ${DB_LOGIN_DB}
type: "pika"

wait, you are running Rasa X locally, don’t you? So you are using rasa x to run it? Then your endpoints.yml should be completely empty (it will then use the default values)

Sorry, My bad, I accidentally gave my local versions, Actually I am running rasa-x in Docker with docker file provided with some modification, The thing is , I was using it in local and after migration It was giving me the same error. I looked in the forum and found out thread were error was the same as mine for one user but problem was the timezone. My old redis tracker store is from docker and it is in UTC time and in my local it’s Easter time so I thought It could be the problem so I decided to ran in on docker to see if it fixes the issue but it didn’t.